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Innovation and people are key drivers of growth, as transparency, speed and agility are boosted by new technologies and talent that knows how to lead in this environment.

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Best-in-class companies in every sector are enabling growth through efficient supply chains and understand that innovation and low costs are continuously transforming their global operations. Leaders in this space are agile, move fast, operate at low cost, and produce high-quality products that customers want. 

Logprof BV connects clients with innovative business leaders who demonstrate functional excellence in the end-to-end supply chain function and the logistics sector. Typically they are corporate functional experts in:

  • Supply Chain Management and Planning – We recruit from a large network of executives who have the experience and knowledge to arrange and create a company’s logistics and operational architecture, from supplier to manufacturers to customers.
  • Innovation and R&D – We tap into top R&D leaders who know how to convert brilliant ideas into commercially viable products. They work in organizations that create innovative and well-engineered products. These innovation leaders also understand how to satisfy today’s customer in very fast-moving technology and commercial products markets.
  • Procurement and Sourcing – Procurement has evolved into a game-changing function, and procurement leaders are strategic business partners in the C-suite who enable company growth. Tackling costs has always been pivotal, and the need for true leaders who can create new solutions and deliver continuous annual cost savings remains a priority for all procurement professionals who manage budgetary and financial details.
  • Distribution, Logistics and Customer Service – The best talent in this area knows that superb service levels are essential in today’s fast-moving, customer-centric world. They use data analytics to support the entire supply chain, meet customer expectations and control costs. We know the expert talent that demonstrates responsiveness to customers and ensures best-in-class delivery and a reliable customer experience.


We work across all industry, wholesale, retail and goverment sectors – with inter- or national organizations, large mid-market companies and niche players – drawing upon our own experience and insight into different business models, supply chain and logistics concepts, supply chain digitization and manufacturing processes, as well as diverse corporate cultures.

The Logistics or Supply Chain industry itself, as a key external player in the operations value chain, acts as a strategic partner for companies across all other industries and provides a wide range of services and solutions, standalone or closely interlocked with the supply chains of their customers. This sophisticated portfolio of services is highly tailored to the specific needs of each individual customer, but can be grouped by different approaches, for example:

  • Modes of transport (road, air, rail, sea, inland shipping)
  • Execution activities (CEP, piece cargo, etc.)
  • Business sector (food, textiles, chemicals, automotive, etc.)
  • Special logistics solutions / smart logistics (contract logistics, warehousing, etc.)

Executive positions

You can contact us for the following vacancies in Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Operations throughout the Netherlands:

  • vacancy Supply Chain Manager
  • vacancy Supply Chain Director
  • Supply Chain Operations Manager
  • Senior Advisor Global Supply Management
  • Senior Buyer
  • Senior Supply Chain Analyst
  • Senior Supply Chain Group Category Manager
  • Senior Logistics Engineer
  • Manager Supply Chain Operations
  • S&OP Manager/Senior Master Planner


We our confident that we can help you with your next supply chain, logistiics or operations recruitment need, please contact us on +31 (0)252 227 216, via email info@logiprof.nl or fill out this short form.
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